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Best Soundbar 2016 – 2017 | 20 Best Soundbars for TV

Best Soundbar 2016 – 2017 is a resource where you can choose a top rated sound bar which would compliment with your existing TV speakers nicely. Sound bars always have been a great complimentary item with a TV which makes your entertainment so much more better. Thus, we came up with an in-depth review guide regarding the Best Soundbars 2016 – 2017 has to offer.

Best Soundbar 2016 – 2017 | 4 Recommended Sound Speakers

  • Sonos Playbar TV
  • Nine Amplified Speakers
  • Wireless Streaming
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  • Requires only Power and optical cord
  • 35.4 x 5.5 x 3.3 inches, 11.9 Pounds Only
  • Yamaha YAS-203
  • Wireless Bluetooth Enabled
  • 200W
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  • Easy Single Cable Setup
  • 4.8 x 34.9 x 3.6 inches, 24.3 Pounds
  • Klipsch HD Theater
  • 3D Sound Mode
  • 10-Inch Wireless Subwoofer
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  • Simple Plug n Play
  • 3.1 x 44 x 4.6 inches, 37.5 Pounds

Now we’ll begin with our sound bar reviews, each review has been categorized so you can have a better understanding.

Top Rated Sound Bars Reviews 2016 – 2017

1. Yamaha YAS-203

best soundbar 2016It also comes with a cube-shaped wireless subwoofer that produces a petite and charming output and has its elegance. Although it isn’t luxurious to death still gives the feeling of a premium bundle.

You’ll also be surprised with the extra accessories that are packed inside. This includes:

  • Intuitive instruction manual.
  • Optical digital cable.
  • Stubby remote with batteries.

Boasting a 35-inches across design, it is ideally perfect to go with the today’s massive flat screen and easily fill the room with quality sound. However, we recommend having a TV screen of 40 inches or above, else a smaller sized Soundbar is recommended. 

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Within that 35-inch massive design, it has two 2 1/8 inch drives, 6 ½ inch driver in the sub and a 200 watts of total system power. Additionally, some LEDs indicate different active features of the Sound bar and a small recess on its back that hosts Digital Optical input, coaxial digital input, and analog RCA input.


  • Features and excellent soundstage depth with surround sound effects.
  • Hosts useful features that include Bluetooth and DTS decoding.
  • Comes with rear mounted IR blaster.
  • Premium design.


  • No HDMI inputs.
  • Relatively poor Bluetooth sound.

2. Sonos PlayBar TV 

best soundbar 2016It is mainly known for its high-end multi-room audio systems and features a 3.0 system along with the left, right and center speakers. It is also capable of being grouped with other Sonos products, and this gives it users the flexibility of expanding their sound system.


Sonos Soundbar is a lot more than the typical sound bars. It has angled speakers and accelerometers that can automatically adjust the sound.


Its setup couldn’t get any easier. There is no complex wiring channel or sophisticated instructions. Simply plug in the power cable, connect the Soundbar to your TV via the optical out and start using it with the remote control. Your TV will instantly detect it and might take you through a short configuration wizard.

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Users also love its unique multipositional design. You can lay it flat against your tabletop or a wall and even mount it. Its thin profile gives it a decent look. There is a built-in sensor that tells in which configuration your playbar is in.


  • Integrated with the best digital music software.
  • Dead simple to set up and operate.
  • Can be easily expanded to a 3.0 or 5.1 system.
  • Gives virtual surround sound effects.
  • Thin profile and a decent look.

3. Bose Solo 5 Sound Bar

best soundbar 2016If you are looking for a budgeted Soundbar that comes loaded with all the features you need, then Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System is the best option to consider. Its sound quality won’t disappoint you and it is pretty much similar to a 5.1 center channel speaker Soundbar.

Although the size is pretty large but you won’t have any issues setting it up with a big or small TV screen. It measures 548x70x86mm with a weight of just 6.35KG which makes it perfect to be mounted on the wall. Mounting brackets are to be bought separately.

Well, you shouldn’t be disappointed with not having a couple of those extra accessories as the cost is also low.

While it comes in all black design but still looks great and elegant. There are a Bose logo and subtle status indicators located on the front. They light up in different colors and combinations and tell you the current status of the device. For example, if it glows amber means dialogue mode is currently active.

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Overall, its sound quality is amazing and with just a single unit in the room, it looks nice and sleek while producing an exceptionally powerful sound quality prevailing the entire area.



  • Features one of the best-looking body.
  • Comes with a clutter free pedestal design.
  • Universal remote control included.
  • Stunning sound quality.
  • Affordable and loaded with multiple features.


  • Falls short of the sound quality of other traditional and pedestal sound bars.
  • Doesn’t comes with accompanying rear speakers or sub.
  • Being small, limits users to connect it with TV’s up to 40 pounds.

4. Vizio SB 3821-C6

best soundbar 2016Vizio is a brand that needs no introduction, and its model Vizio Sb3821-C6 Sound Bar is one of the top sellers of 2016. It is priced just over $150, and it may seem that it might lack some serious features or design. Well, you’ll be surprised that it sounds way better than the expensive models.

It has a wireless sub that has an incredible range of 60 feet but should have a line of sight from the sound bar. It can produce a hundred decibels of crystal clear sound and beat the crap out of those thin flat screen speakers.

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It is ideally perfect for homeowners who are seriously looking to enhance the sound quality of their TV. It has a less than 1% total harmonic distortion that makes the sound clearer and audible.

Although 100 dB sound may seem a bit exaggerated at a such a price, it still reaches to that level. The sound bar is also capable of producing a rich bass and to some extent surround effects. You won’t be disappointed investing in Vizio Sb3821-C6 Sound Bar.


  • Low price with high-end features.
  • Rich bass and crystal clear sound.
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Remote control.


  • Doesn’t has extra

New and Noteworthy

The Samsung HW-K950 is not only a soundbar, it’s a complete sound system packed into one. It is the latest soundbar to incorporate Dolby’s Atmos tech featuring dual wireless rear speakers. The front of the soundbar consists of five powerful speakers combined with a subwoofer, to give a cinema sound like experience.

Best Soundbar Under 500


People who are enthusiast about movies, games, dramas, and programs to watch in high-quality sound are those who can pay any amount for a better sound system, but when they get the a sound system costing less than 500, it becomes a treat for them. Prices of the soundbars are varied feature wise, but we have brought you some of the deals that comprise not only best features but they are also handy economically.

Here are the top 3 best soundbar under 500 reviews:

Sony HT-CT770 Soundbar System

First, in the deal is Sony HT-CT770 Soundbar System that is offering better quality sound, more input equipment, and interactive features only and only in $500. It has a built-in Bluetooth so you can attach your soundbar with any device that has a Bluetooth feature in it. Along with this, you will get 3 HDMI inputs. Moreover, the sound of this Sony HT-CT770 Soundbar System is very clear and louder that even can listen from a distance.

Sharp HT- SB602 Soundbar System

The second-ranked device is Sharp HT- SB602 Soundbar System that is good in features and available under $500 only. In this package, you will get high-quality drivers that can produce HD quality sound. This device is convenient for bigger televisions and easy to use with a remote control. But one thing which I didn’t like much is a low crossover of wireless woofers. This long soundbar looks very attractive on display, and it will look like a showpiece when you place it in your living room.


Samsung HW-H550 Soundbar System

We have Samsung HW-H550 Soundbar System on the third on the list of the best soundbars under 500 list. Samsung is a gigantic trademark. Brand names play a vital role in the repute of a product, and overall reputation of this Samsung soundbar is good as it has gained the rating of 8.8 out of 10. This beautiful soundbar is sleek in display and produces very high-quality sound even when you turn the volume full or low; the sound will remain Crystal clear. But while playing it via Bluetooth, you may come across weak signals.

You can also check our guide on the best bookshelf speakers under 500 if you are looking for an sound bar alternative sound system.

Best Soundbar Under 200


Now we will be discussing best soundbar under 200 price range. Everyone these days wants to have more but want to pay less, and this is what these top 3 products are going to provide you. We have brought top products for you that are offering high-quality features in price as low as $200.

LG Electronics NB3530A Sound System

The first product of this category is LG Electronics NB3530A Sound System. As LG is a big name in the electronic world. It always comes with the products that aren’t best in features but reliable and long lasting ones. It is one of the best soundbars in the market as it is offering wireless subwoofer that produces HD quality sound with separate optical Cable. With 300 watts it can play a strong music. Anyhow, if you are using Apple products then don’t buy LG Electronics NB3530A Sound System as it doesn’t support Apple products.

VIZIO S3821w-C0 Home Theater Soundbar System

Second is VIZIO S3821w-C0 Home Theater Soundbar System. Features that made us count it in the second spot are its high-quality wireless speakers, crystal clear sound quality and better technical support.

HW-F355 Audio Soundbar System

Thirdly, we have Samsung HW-F355 Audio Soundbar System, which is easy to setup, maintain and operate. Moreover, its woofers produce high-quality base. Due to this, a music track on your TV will take you to a live concert in your imaginations. The company is producing only AUX Inputs. The rating is 8 out of 10 in our list of the best soundbar under 200 sound speakers.

Read our best soundbar under 150 post to know more about soundbars that cost under the $200 price range.

So, this was all about the best soundbar 2016 reviews. We want to assure you that all the reviews are based on truth and legitimacy, and there is no biased information included in these reviews. We have searched the market well before doing reviews and if you find any problem in our reviews, feel free to write us, as your suggestions mean to us.

You can also check our guide on the best bookshelf speakers under 200 if you are looking for an sound bar alternative sound system.

Best Soundbar 2016 – 2017 | Best TV Sound Bar Roundup


So, here are five best soundbar 2016 has to offer for TV . Grab a cup of coffee and read through!


1: JBL Cinema SB100

The JBL Cinema SB100 is among the best soundbars that come under $200. It is 32-inches wide, budget friendly and could be mounted on the wall of your room easily. It has multiple connectivity options and additional accessories as well. Read more.

2: VIZIO S4251W-B4 Soundbar

The VIZIO S4251W-B4 is one of the Amazon’s top selling soundbars and the top rated brand in the USA. It comes with a wireless subwoofer, remote control and surround that give you a great audio quality.

Best Soundbar For Audiophiles


Sonos Playbar is the most appropriate choice when it comes to audio lovers, especially watching movies. The most useful feature of Sonos Playbar is that it lets you stream audio from cloud players like Amazon Cloud, Spotify, Google Play, Beats and other popular music cradles. You can easily plug n play music from your mobile. There’s one thing to consider is that it does not come with a subwoofer, but overall the sound is very immersive. It also gives you the liberty to connect with other Sonos speakers for a home cinema experience.


Best Soundbar with Subwoofer


The Polk MagniFi’s is small in size but very big in performance. It is constructed with tri-driver frame inside the soundbar which provides room shattering sound. It also comes with a powerful wireless subwoofer that adds to the overall bass. It lacks more input/output ports, as it posits a very economic approach towards its design.


You can also have a look at the best soundbar without subwoofer post if you not crazy about subwoofers and loud sound.

Best Soundbar for Gaming


The Razer Leviathan packs a dual driver & tweeter frame in a compact size. This enables it to come at an affordable price while gamers will enjoy the audio blast it has to offer while playing their favorite games.


Most Expensive Soundbar

Porsche recently came out with a mind-boggling soundbar which has 911 GT3 silencer build on top of it. The silencer is there not just for show purposes but for amplifying sound adding depth and volume to the audio. It offers Bluetooth, digital & analog inputs with a heavy price tag (ofcourse!).


Most Affordable Soundbar

This web resource is all about emphasizing the value of a soundbar and when you can get a soundbar for as low as $70 then anything is good.


The Dynex DX-SB114 soundbar comes with a minimalistic approach with a decent outlook and a couple of input/output ports. It also features three modes: Standard, Theater and News.


Premium Audio Sound Bars


best soundbars 2016Klipsch G-42 Passive Soundbar

  • Cross-over home audio system (integrated centre channel speaker system)
  • Comes with 1 inch tweeters
  • Perfect for Minimalistbest soundbars 2016

Orb Audio Booster One Soundbar Alternative

  • Mini Amp Booster with Remote
  • Modular and supports other speakers
  • Comes with custom decor finish to match your room or office

the best sound bars 2016Definitive Technology Sound Bar & Subwoofer

  • Wireless Streaming Enabled
  • 8 Inch Wireless Subwoofer for Deep Bass
  • 5.1 Channel Surround Sound

the best sound barBose SoundTouch 300

  • Bluetooth with NFC & Built-in WiFi
  • Sleek metal and glass design
  • Adapted Audi Calibration

best soundbar 2016Sony HTST5 Premium                                                                           

  • 7.1 Channel Surround Speakers
  • Wireless Subwoofer
  • Wall Mountable

You can check out our waterproof soundbar guide if you happen to be a bathroom singer and enjoy loud sound.

Why Soundbars are better than Home Theater Systems


The modern world flat TV systems are great and equipped with advanced technology. However, one downside are those pair of thin speakers that despite being at their full volume doesn’t offer the same level of clarity and crisp that we desire. This is where audio gears such as Soundbars and home theater systems come in.

The question is “Are Soundbars better than Home Theater Systems?” Although the Soundbars with their inherent design are better than the home theater systems but do they fall on the same level of filling your room as compared to what five or six speakers can do at a time?

In today’s discussion we will explore some solid reasons that support the statement as to why Soundbars are better than home theater systems.


Soundbars offer a simple and one-piece boost to enhance your TV’s built-in stereo speakers. They run along the width of your flat screen TV and come in different sizes. Home theaters usually have a standard size. This means if you have a small TV you can opt for a smaller sized soundbar and vice versa. This also complements to the décor of your room. Although most of the soundbars may appear small but they produce a powerful audio output.

Most of the soundbars come with a subwoofer unit as well. This gives an additional boost to the audio quality and gives you a better experience than the costly home theater systems. They give a noticeable stereo separation and can be placed anywhere you want without the fuss of dealing with too many wires.

Some of the advanced soundbars in the market today come with a subwoofer plus a pair of satellite speakers that usually connect wirelessly with the main soundbar and gives you a surround sound effect in the room. So, rather relying on a single soundbar, you can spend a little more and get a full “soundbar system”.

The subwoofer that comes along usually helps to optimize the lower frequencies, produce a powerful bass and add a crisp to the sound quality. Those who need a significant improvement in the overall sound quality of their built-in TV’s speakers, they should opt for a bundle subwoofer along with a soundbar.

Benefits of Owning a Soundbar

1: Dialogue Clarity

Out of many, one of the core purpose of a soundbar is to bring more volume and fullness to the sound quality of your TV. They offer a great clarity especially to the human voices which sound quite dim from the built-in speakers. A number of soundbars in the market also have dialogue enhancement features that makes the voices louder, prominent and clearer. I personally feel that the dialogue clarity features of a soundbar tends to give a surround sound effect in the room that feels good and gives you the same experience as that of a home theater system. Unlike the home theater, the alignment of a soundbar isn’t that important. Simply place it anywhere in the room and it will produce a crystal clear sound.

2: Even Volume

A sudden shift in the volume level while watching your TV can be jarring, especially when you have tuned the volume to a comfortable level and suddenly a commercial comes on. Even the older versions of home theater fail to even this sudden volume shift.

However, the soundbars are equipped with a volume leveling technology that ensures the same level of volume even if a commercial comes on or you change the station. This feature if also great for night-watching so that it doesn’t awakes or frightens the sleeping family members.

3: Surround Sound Effects

Just when you thought that soundbars might be lagging the surround sound features, they also dominate the home theaters in this regard. This is a huge benefit because home theater systems that do give a surround sound effect still require extra space in the room for a proper alignment. With a soundbar, you simply need a place where you can align it.

This is possible because of multiple audio channels inside a soundbar. Typically, there are five or seven audio channels, and each one of them is assigned discrete sounds that produce a three-dimensional surround effect.

The modern soundbars also have the ability to reflect sound off from the walls and trick them to your ears making you feel like speakers are all around you.

4: Perfect Music Player

Soundbars are not just to enjoy your TV shows or movies. They are also a convenient music players. Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth technology and Wi-Fi capabilities that makes it possible. You can simply stream music directly from your smartphones or tablets and enjoy your music library with a much crispier audio quality.

Majority of the soundbars also have a USB input where you connect a flash drive loaded with your favorite tunes and listen them anytime you want. You can also use a connected blue-ray player for playing your CD’s and hearing them through soundbar.

There are many brands that offer soundbars with capabilities to communicate with different music players, powered speakers and receivers via a network connection allowing you to stream music wireless.

Placement Options

1: Table Top

Unlike home theaters, soundbars give you the freedom of placing them anywhere you want. Usually, home theater have a pair of standing speakers that are to be placed on either sides of the television with satellite speakers and a subwoofer that goes in one corner of the room to get a great experience. However, soundbars can be placed in front of the TV or mounted on wall to save space. It doesn’t has to stick to a stand or a particular spot.

While placing the soundbar in front of your TV, I recommend to measure the space between the stand and bottom of the flat panel. This is to ensure that it doesn’t blocks the remote control signal or any part of the picture on the TV. Many brands offer soundbars with an integrated IR repeater that overcomes this problem.

2: Mounting on the Wall

You may have a wall mounted TV, so rather you place the soundbar on a table, simply mount it on the wall for an elegant setup. This way you will be able to hide the power cord and connection cable and the whole room will appear nice and clean.

Majority of the soundbars come with a keyhole slots that allows easy mounting. In case your TV is wall-mounted on an articulate bracket consider adding a specialized soundbar bracket as well.

In this way both the piece can move on the same plane. Alternatively, you can buy the UNIVERSAL sound bar mount that easily attaches to the back of your flat screen and allows a convenient mounting.

3: Under the TV

How about blending your new audio gear with the natural platform for your TV? Before doing this, check your soundbar’s box for maximum TV weight and always make sure that the platform is wider than the base of your TV. This placement option is very convenient, especially for those who prefer a subwoofer as well.

Additional Accessories Available on Demand

When you opt for a home theater, you are bound to buy the whole system that typically includes 5 speakers with a sophisticated cable connection. On the other hand, soundbars come with additional accessories that are available on demand. This means, you can buy a soundbar alone and even complement it with a subwoofer or a pair of satellite speakers as per your demands.

1: Subwoofer

A subwoofer helps to reproduce lower bass frequencies and make them clearer and crispier. It enhances the volume and loudness of the TV and has a nice elegant body that looks great in one corner of the room. So, if you aren’t satisfied with a soundbar alone, you can always see the manufacturer’s options and check whether they have a soundbar that comes with a wireless subwoofer or not. You can also buy a separate subwoofer and connect it to your soundbar directly.

Most of the subwoofers that come with soundbar are usually wireless. They only need a power connection and the low frequency sound they reproduce is more or less non-directional. In this way, you have an ample of placement flexibility as well.

Also if you don’t have space for two separate pieces (soundbar + subwoofer), and still want good bass response, I recommend you to opt for a platform-style soundbar. They have large speakers that gives enough room to resonate and produce a better overall bass response.

Ease of Connections and Controls

Soundbars come with the ease of connections and control. All soundbars have an optical digital connection with HDMI connections as well for flexibility. Those having a multi-channel soundbar should use the HDMI connection. This ensures better sound quality from Blu-ray soundtracks. However, if you have an old flat screen, you can buy the 4K video compatible soundbars.

Once all connections are made, you can use your TV’s remote to control the volume. Your TV and cable or satellite remotes can be easily programmed to control the soundbar. However, soundbars have a remote control as well with free remote apps that you can download and use your smartphone or tablet as a remote.

Home Theater Systems

Home-theatre-in-a-box systems can give an affordable however visible boost over TELEVISION speakers. Since there are more audio speakers in a proper surround-sound residence theater system, and they’re arranged over a bigger area compared to a soundbar that’s simply under your TELEVISION, you’re simply able to push them to greater volumes as well as obtain even more immersive, much more powerful audio.

The large boost in high sound quality will certainly come when you contrast your TV’s tiny, thin built-in speakers to your new home theater system. The difference between a soundbar and house theater in a box is fairly much little, but still visible if you’re looking for cinema-quality audio.

Establishing a complete home theater for major space and old college try. However, its’s a good idea off. You’ll discover space in your den, living room or whatever room you plan to dedicate to your new home theater, however, recognize that you’ll be running cable televisions under rugs and around the sides of your wall surfaces, and that can be a discouraging job.

Included in the difficulty the fact that you’ll calibrate your speakers making use of the integrated calibration microphone bundled with any good residence theater audio speaker setup, and also it’s even more bothersome again, yet the payoff of having surround audio throughout an excellent Blu-ray flick disc is worth it.

House movie theater systems are a mix of a Blu-ray or DVD player with numerous speakers, typically in a ‘5.1’ plan. The ‘5’ describes both back speakers that are placed behind you to the right and left, as well as three front speakers, which go left, right and center of the TELEVISION. The ‘1’, on the other hand, indicates the variety of subwoofers.

Although 5.1 is the most usual setup, systems can be as small as 2.1 and also as expensive as 9.2. Surround sound systems are essentially a cinema house system without the Blu-ray or DVD gamer. If you currently own a player, it’s most likely to be less costly to acquire a surround sound audio speaker plan instead of a total house movie theater system.

A lot of Blu-ray films are videotaped in a multi-channel sound layout, such as Dolby Digital. As their name recommends, a cinema house system will allow you to experience the noise in your front room as you would at the neighborhood movie theater, with audio results coming from around you. Particular films and also reveals screened on TV are additionally tape-recorded in border sound.

Many can be discovered on Skies’ motion picture channels as well as other high-definition (HD) channels – to locate them, watch out for the Dolby Digital logo or ‘DD’ in the program overview or the edge of the screen.

Overall, we can conclude that soundbars are better than home theaters and you should consider buying one HERE.

Do you really need a sound bar for TV?

The question of whether one needs a TV sound system or not is a rather complicated one. With the growth in technology, the market has become swamped with slim TVs and while they are great to look at, they just don’t have the same sound quality as the previous TVs did.

A soundbar can help, and so can home theatre systems and there are other options as well. However, ultimately it is a matter of preference as well as your budget.

Surround Sound Systems are the most sought after electronic item online, by this year. If you are also looking for every bit of detail about the best sound systems in the market, you have come to the right place. In the following article, you will come to know benefits of the sound bar and which is the best soundbar for your money. So let’s dive straight into it.

First of all, let me tell you the purpose of a sound system. It is the best compliment for your television, LED and LCDs and the most worthy substitute of home theater systems.

All of you know that Home Theater Systems not only consume a lot of space but also cost you a big amount for the purchase and maintenance. Including to this, people with small TV Lounges want to have something that takes lesser space, sound better and also cost economically. Hence, soundbar worth your attention.

Different companies are producing handy soundbars for their customers to provide clear and HD quality sound. Along with this, numerous features of soundbars make it the best choice to correlate with your televisions. To make this purchase less hassling and handier, retailers are offering sound systems with wireless speakers as well as sound bars with satellite speakers.

TV sound isn’t that bad, or is it?

Well, as a matter of fact, it is. The thinner the TV, the lesser the space for speakers and drivers. While some quality manufacturers have found workarounds in the form of nanotechnology, it just hasn’t been as effective leaving customers disappointed.

So what really is sound quality, well it basically means producing a variety of sounds. Small speakers cant create deep sounds and since the speakers aren’t facing us, the high pitch sounds cant be created either.

The result is muffled and often inaudible sound. I am sure we have all gone through the process of rewinding the tv just becausae the dialogue couldn’t be understood. Poor sound quality doesn’t mean you are not hifi, it just means the the sound is so inaudible it cant be heard.

We all want movie-theatre like experience especially when we are spending so much on our tvs. Having a decent speaker enhances your expeience so much that it almost feels like a necessity today.

The Positive Side

Soundbars can be a great Alternative as they point the drivers towards you. Soundbars are made to handle all kinds of sound and can handle a lot of variety. There are active and passive soundbars. Active soundbars are those that come with builtin amplifiers and can be used straightaway by linking them with the TV. Some of the better soundbars are so good that they can imitate a theatre experience as well.

Best Everyday TV

Soundbars are simple machines. They have builtin speakers and wiring is kept to a minimum. They can simply be connected to a TV and left anywhere in the room to achieve great sound expereince. What is even better is that they have several modes for different kinds of sound experience. To accomplish better bass, many have subwoofers as well. A soundbar is agreat option for regular tv viewing and it delivers great, hassle free performance at a great price too.

Advantages: simple to use, no wires,cheap

Disadvantages: Not as good as home theater systems

Home Cinema systems come with DVD and Blu-ray as well as multiple speakers. The 5.1 arrangement is often talked about. The 5 refers to the number of speakers while 1 shows the number of subwoofers. There are other variants as well such as 9.2 and 2.1. They come with surround sound systems which basically turn your living room into a cinema. If you preown a dvd player, no need to go for the whole system – just buy the surround sound system and you are good to go.

Home Cinemta systems provide you with the same experience that you are likely to get if you are sitting in a cinema. It is a great functionality for those who want only the best. A lot of films are recorded in surround sound and other HD mediums and so this system is fully compatible and complements your viewing experience with great sounds.

Pros: It gives the best experience money can buy

Cons: Too many components which can be a hassle, turns the room untidy if wires not managed

Before we end our round-up of the best soundbar 2016, lets look at some of the sound bars which have specific uses like gaming, with subwoofers, the expensive & affordable sound bars on the planet. Have a read, make an informed decision and enjoy.

Which is the Best Soundbar for The Money you can Buy

Yamaha YAS

First of all, we have here Yamaha YAS, which has 9.0 online rating, overall. Its features are handy as it is coming with Bluetooth, DTS decoding and remote to control all the activities of your best soundbar. Along with this, you will get rear-mounted IR blaster, and you can use it if speakers break the IR port on your TV. Advantages of Yamaha YAS are that they are spacious, dynamic, sound clearer, and most of all these sound bars are a budget constraint. It means you can afford this technology even if you have less income and it is arguably the best soundbar for music. But as nothing comes with the negativity, a bad thing about Yamaha YAS is that you won’t get HDMI inputs, and if your device is nonaptX, then Bluetooth sound can be crashing.

Definitive Technology W Studio

Second best we have here is Definitive Technology W Studio. Overall rating given by the customers to this sound gadget is 8.1 out of 10 which is not bad at all. This digital suit is a little greater in price than Yamaha sounding bar, but features include in this are enormous. Such as full-size remote, HDMI switching DTS and Dolby decoding and frequent streaming. Along with this, Package includes 8-inch long subwoofers that consume less space but provide a high-quality sound. Some lacks of this system are it doesn’t include a Bluetooth and secondly, less clear sound and last but not the least price is higher than other sound bars in the market.

Pioneer SP-SB23W

With 8.6 user ratings on the internet, we have here Pioneer SP-SB23W is the best sound bar for the price. The first reason you buy this sounding bar is its HD sound quality which has no substitute. Second good thing is its tiny size with wireless subwoofers which means you can install and keep them even under the drawers for lesser consumption of space. The Bad thing is, its chunky size may block the signals of the remote sensor as its remote is also tiny and has higher cost rate.

Let’s explore our Best Wireless Soundbars List


Wireless soundbars are handy and easy to place anywhere in your home. You don’t need to tackle the jumbling wires while setting the sound system at your home. It will give a look of cinema to your tv lounge without having a home theater system. Moreover, changing and modifying the setup of your room will become less hassling. Along with this, your outdoor functions won’t need long extensions of wire and switch plates. All you need is to put your wireless soundbars in your lawns and yards and operate them from the inside.

Top 3 soundbar deals are stated below:

VIZIO SB4051-C0 5.1

It’s a complete home theater solution. The package includes 40 inches soundbar with two rear satellite speakers. Now you would think what does satellite speaker mean and what are rear satellite speakers. Well, satellite speakers are those that connect to each other with wire but wirelessly with the soundbar, and they are also called rear satellite speakers.

Now let’s come to the features plus pros and cons of VIZIO SB4051-C0 5.1. It’s compact in design with wall-mounting brackets and the package includes:


  • one normal HDMI,
  • one HDMI ARC,
  • one 3.5 mm analog,
  • one digital optical
  • One RCA analog
  • Bluetooth
  • Visible screen
  • Clear frequency
  • High Definition Sound
  1. SONOS Player TV soundbar

On the second spot, we have SONOS Player TV soundbar. It’s not just a soundbar, in fact, you can call it a combo of wireless speakers and soundbar. But one thing, its price can make you hesitant to buy this audio system because it’s coming in $699. Good features of this digital package are given below;

  • Sound of full range
  • Easy to setup, install and operate
  • Play-Fi Wireless Streaming

As stated above, some negative attributes of this system have made its spot second instead of first that include:

  • Costly in price
  • Limited range
  • Subwoofers aren’t present

Definite Technology W Studio Wireless


Last but not the least we have Definite Technology W Studio Wireless Soundbar. One of the most prominent quality of this system is the clearest sound production that even with full volume your ears won’t feel itchy. Its good features also include:

  • Brilliant Digital Sound Staging
  • Adjustable Equalizer
  • Satellite streaming

Some of the cons are:

  • Higher prices
  • Limited range of stream signals
  • HDMI ARC not present

You can decide the device yourself after reading this, and we hope these reviews will be helpful for you while shopping. Next, we are going to discuss economic soundbar deals.

Best Soundbar Deals


Different companies are producing different types of soundbars with interactive display band features, but all of them can’t be the best as some of them lack economic benefits while others lack in the features. Anyhow, we have gathered a list of 3 best soundbar 2016 deals for you that are best monetarily but also feature wise.

  1. Philips Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker HTL2111A/F7

First, in the category, we have Philips Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker HTL2111A/F7 System. Most attractive thing about this sound gadget is its outstanding display. Along with this, it is easy to place, set and play. You can operate it easily, but one thing which you may be wont like is its small remote. Anyhow, overall rating of this audio system is 7.6 out of 10.

  1. iLive Horizontal Bluetooth Soundbar System

The second Best soundbar deal is iLive Horizontal Bluetooth Soundbar System. It is slim, sleek and easy to place anywhere in your house like near your tv or even on the walls. Moreover, its price is very economical that even a student can afford it and in such a low price high-quality sound producing feature is making it the best deal in the market. On the other one disadvantage of this soundbar is its tech support which is not that good as it should be.

  • Seiki SB102N Super Slim Bluetooth Soundbar System

The third spot has been taken by Seiki SB102N Super Slim Bluetooth Soundbar System. Advantages of this audio system are its sleek physicality, bass controllers, and lesser price. Its price will be near $100 and in such small amount, you will get a soundbar that can produce enough sound for your tv, LCD, and LEDs. The biggest disadvantage of this system that brought it in the third place is its poor display, so you won’t be able to read the information written on the screen from a distance.

You can also have a look at the record player stand guide if you have a passion for record players and want a stand for them.

Types Of Sound Systems


There are two types of sound bar designs :

  • Traditional
  • Pedestal

Traditional Style 

The traditional style sound bar really speaks for its name because it literally looks like a sound bar. It is a long speaker that is thin in shape and is most typically mated with a wireless subwoofer. There are different options for its placement, you can either mount it on the wall or go with the most common technique of placing it in front of your television set. The over all design of the traditional style sound bar is out of any trouble and doesn’t give any hassle but there is a drawback we have seen in some models of this design, it blocks the sensor of your TV which causes the issue of operating your TV comfortably.

Pedestal Style 


The pedestal style sound bars are designed more in a modern way by making the design much more sleeker than that of traditional sound bars. They were first made by a company called Zvox but now a lot of companies manufacture them.The word pedestal means bottom or base, and that is the idea behind this style, they are made to be placed under your TV set making them look like a part of your TV instead of a separate device. Because they are placed below the TV there is no issue of the TV’s remote sensor getting blocked. But there is still a drawback with this style and that is the issue of the bass. This is because the pedestal style sound bar does not come with a subwoofer which cuts down its ability to produce a bass as good as traditional style sound bars.

So if you want a sound bar with a very powerful bass then we suggest you go with the traditional style, at least till they come with a pedestal style sound bar which includes a wireless subwoofer.


Basic Features Of A Sound Bar

All sound bars comes with these basic features :

Use TV as a switcher 


Sound bars come with few audio-only inputs, given at the back of the device, which is surprising because in today’s high tech times most of the devices we have are HDMI supported. But this is not a draw back of the design but it is done intentionally so the user connects all their devices to their TV and then connect the TV’s audio output to the sound bar. This is a good interaction design and helps saves the users time because now they only have to connect their devices to their TV instead of connecting them to both the TV and sound bar. There are some issues though with this user friendly design and those are :

  • If your television set has a limited number of options for input then your sound bar will also be limited to connectivity. Like for an example if your TV set has only three options for input, it means you can only connect three devices. This issue can be solved by using an HDMI switcher but that would make things complicated which most people want to avoid.
  • Some TVs decline the incoming audio signal to stereo instead of a true surround signal so when its connected to your sound bar you will get a sound system which is declined by your TV. The problem even occurs if your TV outputs a Dolby Digital signal but your sound bar doesn’t read it because it doesn’t have a Dolby Digital decoder.

But even with these few drawbacks people still prefer a TV switcher. If you just have an audio output on the back of your sound bar then you don’t have to worry about the number of input options.

Built In Bluetooth 


This is one of the best feature sound bars offer. A lot of people have music stored in their phones or tablets so a built in Bluetooth is really what they would need. Now almost all sound bars come with built in Bluetooth which lets the user connects it to their phones or tablets. This lets you listen to music directly from your device instead of first connecting it to the TV. If your sound bar doesn’t have a built in Bluetooth you can connect an adapter to it which makes it works like one, but then there are already few limited options for input. Almost all models of sound bars manufactured since 2013 have this feature so there is hardly a chance your sound bar won’t have a built in Bluetooth.

This was something to help you understand a sound bar better, now we’ll have give you a review on the best sound bars we selected for you but before that we have listed down how we have done our review to help you understand more on what capabilities we have reviewed these innovations.

How Do We Rate Sound Bars ?

The team of best sound base of 2016 brought 36 models to our testing and Research Centre where experts tested on each one to see which one is best in terms of performance.

What do the experts look for while rating :

This is an important question for people who want to know on what basis really are the products being rated, so for your satisfaction we have mentioned here all the things our experts look for. The rating is done on the over all performance of the model which includes the sound quality and picture quality for models with video players, the rating mainly focuses on how much its user friendly and how much skill is put into its manufacturing.

  • Sound Quality :

Sound quality includes the accuracy of tone, reproduction of decent sonic details of the front speakers, center channel speaker, subwoofers and surround speakers. The rating of sound quality is done by using its own auto speaker setup function and by adjusting its own pre tone settings and tone controls, if there are any given, to check the best sound quality.

  • HD Picture Quality :

   To check the HD picture quality we have trained experts who rate the picture quality on the basis of clarity of picture and color accuracy of HD progressive scan signal of 1080p. For this a blu-ray content is played on HD TV from HTIB system’s blue-ray player. All signals are routed via HDMI connection.

  • Up Converted DVD Picture Quality : 

   To check the DVD picture quality we have trained experts who rate the picture quality on the basis of clarity of picture and color accuracy of up converted HD signal of 1080p. For this a DVD content is played on HD TV from HTIB system’s blu-ray or DVD player. All signals are sent via HDMI connection.

  • 480i DVD Picture Quality :

   To check the DVD picture quality we have trained experts who rate the picture quality on the basis of clarity of picture and color accuracy of standard definition signal of 480i. For this a DVD content is played on a CRT TV from HTIB system’s DVD player. All signals are sent through a S-video connection, if not available then through composite video connection.

  • Easy To Use :

Rating is also done keeping in mind how easy the equipment is for the user to use, this includes setting up the system like its installation or placement. It is also important to make sure how easy the controls on the remote or front panel are, so it is not hard for the user to understand the control of its device. A survey showed that people don’t like to use technology based equipments which are harder to control because if you can not control a thing you bought spending so much money then whats the point at all.

  • Skillfulness :

   The rating of how skillful a sound bar is is done by seeing which features are present and which are absent.

  • Number of Channels :

   This is done to see the number of audio signal channels offered by the system. An HTIB system usually has 5.1 channels, front left and right, center, surround left and right, and the .1 which is the subwoofer. Some systems comes with 7.1 channels which are same as 5.1 but have rear surround left and right in addition. Some systems will need additional amplifiers to drive some speakers like subwoofers or rear surround channels.

  • Number Of Speakers Supplied :

   This is done to see the number of speakers offered by the system. Most of the HTIB system comes with 5.1 speakers, front pair, center, surround pair, and subwoofer which is the .1. For a 7.1 setup some systems come with extra rear surround speaker pair.

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